about us

Masculine + feminine assisting your healing journey.

Our healing model is based on the idea of a pyramid or 3D triangle. Each facing of the pyramid provides a key component to the strength of the healing. My partner and I are each a face along (the divine as you recognize it) and You. YOU are just as integral to the process as the rest of us are. So make sure you give yourself time to engage in this process. Meditation, time for yourself, and sleep are essential elements of this work after the meditation is complete.

My partner and I work together as a healing team. We bring the Masculine and Feminine together to assist the individual in the healing journey. We are certified Reiki Master practitioners and combine reiki with other guide inspired techniques.

What we can assist with is removal of pain, removal of swelling, and releasing or moving stale energy in the body. We also assist with releasing stuck patterns or helping a person move through their lessons (coordinating with their guides to determine what is the current need for focus).

Most of this work is done energetically, so it can be done remotely without a phone (we tune into what is needed). So we can do the work with anyone across the world. So far it is the relative pattern to do a 2 hour session. 1 hour consists of talking (if you know what you are wanting to work on we would do a 15 minute pre talk and then 45 minute talk with what we found) and 1 hour of energy work.

Our guides have indicated that what the 2 of us do together is better than working with each of us individually. They have said that this is generally good for most people for up to 3 months. The 3 months can be faster than that if the person has the time to spend integrating the work. We then do a monthly touch up (up to an hour) to keep the focus of the work engaged.

For acute issues, the pattern of healing follows what is needed until the immediate issue is resolved or shifts into a chronic or extended health issue.

We very willingly coordinate with other healing modalities including western medicine. We encourage clients to pursue the best combination of choices that lead to wellness.

Discounts, scholarships, pay it forward, and extenuating circumstances considered upon request. Also, ask us about the referral bonus for any of our paid features. Reach out