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group meditations

Join the group in an affordable way.

Group healing is an affordable way to receive an extensive session with both of us. Some of you may enjoy the group healing as a regular affordable option. For others a particular topic may appeal to you. Cost: $40

If you have a space and you have a group of people that would like to do one of our group meditations then please contact us for details and payment arrangements.


A lot of people believe that spiritual awakening is a singular event. That event may exist but it is only a beginning. There are opportunities to continue to wake up and further connect with who we truly are. This meditation is designed to help with that gradual unfolding process.

reconnecting w/ unconditional love.

Valentine's Day is a overly commercialized holiday that celebrates unrealistic romantic love.  We are more interested in exploring Unconditional love, a higher and more grounded form of Love. It is very easy to choose Unconditional Love, choosing to give and receive and choosing to honor yourself with that love as well. An exploration of Unconditional Love provides us with an opportunity to begin uncovering and healing deep wounds.

cleansing spirit.

Cleansing Spirit is intended to help brush off some of the worlds dirt and distractions and allow ourselves to reconnect with the deepest parts of who we are. Restoring our peace, love, and tranquility. For those that wish to take it a little deeper. This will help place you in that higher perspective as you acknowledge and examine those things that might have come into focus during this time.


healing creativity.

Many are those of us who have the creative spark (if not all of us). Those same many generally receive lots of messages that make it seem that creativity is incompatible in this world.  This meditation is intended to help release the wounds and the ways that were inflicted to allow healing to occur.

healing grace.

Grace is a complex spiritual principle that is often misunderstood. This healing is intended to help us establish a realistic and beneficial relationship with Grace. We will also be making use of Grace in order to experience gentle healing. Allowing Grace to flow in your life helps you to recognize your own worthiness and strengthen your connecting with the Divine.


healing communication.

Healing communication is about healing our interaction on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). Difficulties in interpersonal and internal communication interfere with our ability to connect with and understand ourselves and each other. Our world can be transformed when we find ALL the words to speak our truth and dialog honestly with ourselves and our loved ones. This will lead us towards harmony and acceptance of ourselves and each other and our place within this world.

choosing good resonance.

Choosing good resonance is about finding an energetic space where you find people, places and circumstances that uplift you rather than drag you down. It is important to recognize when people, places and circumstances are dragging you down and being able to set appropriate boundaries, so you don't get influenced or so you can change direction. Part of resonance is also about flowing with the patterns in your environment. This includes allowing synchronicity to happen and flow naturally around you. Even as we chose to move and flow with people, places, and events that are good for us, it is also our responsibility to provide this service for others.  We need to choose to be uplifting to other people as we move through the work place and at home, along with filling our work and home space with the energy of good resonance.

healing conflict for peace.

Peace is something that we all want. Right? But what are we willing to do to achieve it? Politics, Relationships, Religion… are we truly acting from a place of peace when in these environments? Or are we holding grudges? Are we sending nasty feelings to people we disagree with? Are we willing to push ourselves to the next level? Are we willing to challenge ourselves to embody what we say we believe in? We achieve perspective once we understand how challenging it can be to be peaceful within ourselves. We have a better understanding of truly visualizing and raying for peace for outside of us as well.

healing conflict for peace 2

This uses a different set of music to produce a different (more diverse) understanding of peace.

divine surrender and deliverance.

The usual human understanding of surrender does not make it very appealing. Who would want to give up their power to someone they do not get along with in an act of humiliation? It's easy to see that this cannot possibly be what divine surrender is about. Divine surrender is about letting go of things that no longer serve us. Anything we need back will return to us, usually transformed into something a little easier to deal with. We love and trust God: there is no risk! There's no way to lose and there's no way to do it wrong. The second biggest barrier to divine surrender is our stubbornness and willfulness. Once we let go of our misunderstanding and childish resistance we discover that divine surrender is a useful tool and divine gift. Through our willingness to let go, we achieve deliverance from many burdens and ascend to higher vibrational states. Divine surrender and deliverance is a devotion that offers true freedom.

believing we can make a difference.

There are many examples of beliefs and thoughts that promote the idea of powerlessness. We are subjected to these ideas from an early age and these messages (currently) never stop. There is some truth but only to the extent that no one has full control, even if some like to convince themselves that they do. However, the converse isn't true either. We are not powerless. This healing is intended to help us develop a realistic and healthy expectation of how we can make a difference in this world. We also need healing from our disempowering experiences. We believe there is a way to have an appropriate relationship with power. This requires both self confidence and cooperation. WOW! What a combo! Combining self confidence and cooperation seems like a foreign concept for many in this world. Cooperation with people, plants, animals, and all beings including the divine is what we are exploring and encouraging.  This is about bringing this sacred combination into balance so that we (an individual) can feel and believe the truth.  We believe we can make a difference.

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