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An updated Peace

(This is both an energy you can receive and something that you can support — send energy, add prayers too, etc)

With the current state of affairs. I remind myself and those that wish to be reminded and cooperatively work together. To find that moment of time where peace can and does exist. To find ways to hold space for, reach out to or create space for or connect to the idea of peace and that peace is ‘normal’. Understanding that I would rather make many mistakes on a path to peace. Than making mistakes while trying to avoid war.

“The peace that creator intends for humanity. To help humanity to want peace more than they want war or retribution”

  • Peace between the genders
  • peace between the races
  • peace within humankind
  • peace with animal kind
  • peace with Mother earth
  • But especially ... Peace within self.

A pursuit of peace does not require weapons. It does not require weapons to be gone or outlawed. It has nothing to do with violence be it physical, verbal, emotional or spiritual. Peace does not require someone to be nice to you. Peace does not require someone to get elected or pass a law. Peace is a choice that each of us can make. We can choose to hold space for others to get it. We can choose to grow in love. The only limiting factor keeping you from peace is your own choice and willingness to pursue it.

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