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group healing

We have been practicing for several years on being able to make healing available to large groups of people at a time. We have been increasing in ability and techniques to make this available to groups. We do a combination of reiki, shamanic techniques, and other guided techniques that we have developed. If you are interested in providing a venue to make this available to your group, let us know.

We can handle really large groups, but we do need to know a good estimate of numbers (through RSVP). This allows us to spend adequate time in advance to make sure that there is sufficient energy to be available to everyone who participates. We prefer to have groups dance to music to receive the healing with breaks as needed for personal meditation. This is an eclectic set with a theme. Different themes are available with different levels of emotional challenge involved for the participants (please visit our group meditations page for more). This can be done as a regular event if desired. Cost varies but is based on a set fee plus money to cover travel and venue.

We can also do the work remotely and supply you with the music file for those to meditate or dance to with us available by phone for answering questions and introducing the methodology involved.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve a larger number of people in this way and are rather excited to be doing this. Much love to you all!

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