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In gratitude

"We send our love, prayers, and reiki in support of all those that marched and all those that wanted to and couldn’t. We ask you to participate as well sending your support (love, prayers, reiki, and any other energetic support). It is not important to agree or disagree or even understand exactly what they were marching for. In this way we are honoring those that feel unheard; that is what is important. We are honoring them for looking at these things, being honest with themselves, and speaking honestly from deep within. We are honoring them for sharing their truth so that something can be done. If you disagree with something that they were speaking about or have something to add, we encourage you to use a process to speak your truth as well. None of this needs to be done in a way to degrade anyone’s opinion but should be done in a spirit of peaceful dialogue. True political processes of this world are made stronger and decisions are improved when “the people” speak out to contribute to what is being considered. This process of examining where we feel unheard and inadequately supported is an important contribution to this world. I invite you to honestly examine within yourself what you need more of in this world. Then plant the seeds… do what needs to be done (in love) to cultivate the growth of what is needed in this world. It’s time for all of us to wake up!"

— Mitakuye Oyasin

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